21 September, 2014

Ban Suan Coffee @ Hatyai, Songkhla, Thailand. (บ้านสวนกาแฟ)

Hi guys. It has been quite some time since i have updated my blog. It is because i'm occupied with school work T^T
C'mon, let's be real, I'm lazy. hahaha! I skipped college for a week and go on a vacation with my family. I'm really happy, it's like a family bonding time. Okay, back to the topic. This cafe / restaurant is located in Thailand. I got no idea where is the exact place of this cafe (i will leave some information at the end of this post that i find thru the net). I do not know all the food particular name and price. *paiseh nia* I will not post all the dishes we ate, these are just some of my favourite. 

This is how the restaurant look like.

I like the ambience over there. It is great place to chill or have some coffee. Plus, wifi is available too! 

Fried Rice in TomYam
50/ 55 Baht
One of the dish i like. TomYam fried rice! It's kinda spicy. If you couldn't take spicy food better not. But it's a YUM!

Baked Rice with Pineapple
65 Baht
The menu did not show the image of the "Baked Rice with Pineapple". We are expecting something like cheese on top and stuff like that. but it came out like that. LOLOL. Baked rice topped with chicken floss.The baked rice taste like rice with nasi kandar curry. Unexpected but soooo gooood! 

Pork Chop
Next, the typical fried rice with omelet.

Nahhhh, i'm just kidding.
Fried Rice with Green Curry Chicken in Omelet
65 Baht

Green curry is one of my favourite. HOWCANUNOTLOVETHISCOMBINATION?! 
Okay. Fine, I'm exaggerating. i just love it. hehs.

Opps, i do not know this dish particular name. The reason why i include this dish in this post is because the fried rice (i think it is the original one) is good. Big thumbs up! 

In Penang, we call this bobochacha. In Thailand, i do not know what they call this. 
Overall, i do like this cafe. Definitely going back again as they provide a very good customer service as well as a good / fast wifi network. haha.

For more information:

บ้านสวนกาแฟ (Baan Suan Cafe)

Coffee ShopThai Restaurant, and American Restaurant
ถ.ธรรมนูญวิถี (Thumnoonvithi Soi 2 Rd.), Hat YaiSongkhla 90110

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