11 July, 2015

Sushi Mentai @ Elit Avenue, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Hello everyone. Im sorry for abandon my blog for at least half a year. I am so sorry haha. Without any delay, as you can see, this blogpost title, Sushi Mentai. Sushi Mentai Japanese Restaurant had opened their first branch in Penang (somewhere near to Pantai Hospital). What’s so special about this Japanese restaurant is that everyday will be like a Bonanza Day. 
Yes, E V E R Y D A Y.

There's only 2 types of colour plate on the conveyor belt which is yellow and red. The price of the YELLOW plate is RM 1.80 ONLY and the RED plate is RM 2.80 ONLY. If you're a sushi lover but you're on tight on budget too. haha, this is definitely your must go to Japanese restaurant. *wink* Like any other ordinary Japanese restaurant, they have other choices too. 

Sushi Mentai's menu :

Sushi Lists:

These are some of the food that I'd ordered,

Tempura Ebi Maki
RM 6.80
Salmon Belly
Chuka Idako
RM 4.80
California Temaki
RM 3.80
Miso Soup
RM 1.80

RED plates (RM 2.80 each) :

YELLOW plates (RM 1.80 each):

I personally think that, the taste and quality of the sushi is worth for the price. For your information, if you visit this restaurant during peak hours like dinner time, be prepare to line up like you did at Sushi Zanmai. haha. but if you're too lazy to wait. Take Away it will do (then you can escape from the queue). Hope my blog post fix your curiosity of this new restaurant. 
If you asked me, would i visit Sushi Mentai again. Why not? 

Till here, see ya beautiful peoples.