04 November, 2014

Paul Loiis @ Lebuh King, Penang.

Two days ago, BB and I went to Paul Loiis at Lebuh King. In case you do not know where is Lebuh King, you can search from Bishop Street (it's easier). Look out for the Public Bank. Paul Loiis is just next to it (white building). This is my second time dining at Paul Loiis. The first time i went to this cafe, it is just a soft opening, during tea time.For the second visit it is already the 2nd day of their grand opening.

"Paul Loiis is a new European style cafe combining both indoor cozy environment and outdoor patio cafe. Paul Loiis also serve breakfasts and brunches from different countries whole day long. A variety of pastries cakes, coffees and teas are also available here. Magician shows are on every Friday and Saturday night. Paul Loiis is definitely a must-visit cafe for coffee lovers". 

3 pieces for RM 4.90
They waitress gave us 5 pieces because she said the cream puff (on that day) is smaller in size but to me, i think that the cream puff is regular size. So it shall be bigger during normal days, i guess? 

Grill Fish and Chips
mix with veggies, potato chips and tartar sauce
RM 18
Honestly, i'm quite surprised that the "Chips" are not fries. It's like the real Potatoes Chips. Anyway, I really like the fish. First of all, it is grilled and not fried. Plus, the fish is really fresh. Big Big thumbs up!

The presentation of the Cabonara looks small but it is actually normal portion. So don't you worry. haha.

Pasta: Cabonara
RM 18.90
Not to forget Paul Loiis's Signature Pavlova

RM 13
I tried their cheesecake and it taste pretty good too! 
I also wanna share with you something. While i was scrolling Paul Loiis Facebook page, I saw these...

Photos from Paul Loiis's Facebook Page
Photos from Paul Loiis's Facebook Page
IT'S SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! lol. Originally i wanted to order this dish, "Paul Loiis Grandpa Mushroom Pot Pie" which is RM 29 (according to the menu). But the menu actually state that "Order 3 days in advance". So, i was like ohhh, okay. So do tell me if any of you tried this dish. Cause it look really good. 
The service is really good over there with a nice ambience. Do check it out if you haven't. They'd just launched their official grand opening few days ago. Till here. 
Loves, me.

Paul Loiis 
Address: 18, Lebuh King, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour: 8.30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

P/S: Just in case, Cash only. 


  1. wow more and more cafes! and the price definitely at premium! =S but that pot pie is interesting!

    1. it's kinda premium! hahaha! but their pastries are good!